Meet Jared Oliver

Jared Oliver

Meet Jared Oliver

Jared joined our organisation in 2010 as a fresh Engineering graduate and is now our lead engineer. We are very proud of how much Jared has grown and thrived in the IT industry. Jared's background in both electronics and Information technology make his knowledge both unique and incredibly relevant. He specialises in Software development, storage platforms, security platforms and network management and is an expert in Windows, Linux and Android.

Jared thrives on solving problems and is dedicated to any project that is put before him. We can always count on Jared to deliver projects on time and to an excellent standard.

Over the past 5 years Jared has lead a very successful project for UNITED FLOWER GROWERS redeveloping nearly every aspect of their business. Read more here.

When Jared is not solving IT issues he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and 2 young children. Jared is also a gamer, musician and involved with the Salvation Army.

Jared is very loyal, integral and intelligent and he'd be delighted to be of service to you to.