Meet Dan Oliver

Dan Oliver

Meet Dan Oliver

Growing up in the Waikato Dan attributes his business interest to his childhood of watching his parents grow a successful Dairy farm.

Dan’s determination has meant he has dedicated himself to excelling and being an expert in his field. As a very sought after IT expert Dan chose to be a business owner because he’spassionate about innovation and bringing a fresh, young, positive influence on everyone he comes in contact with.

Dan is one of those people that excels in anything he does, very talented, humble and passionate about learning. This has driven Dan to continue to earn more degrees on top of running a business purely because he loves learning and loves adding value to his clients through the extra knowledge he has learnt. In 2015 Dan made his biggest academic achievement in completing a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Auckland, which was completed while running the business.

Dan is also a devoted husband and father to 3 young girls. Outside of Unify You’ll also find him in the gym, writing for the Story Mint, gaming or helping out in his local Church.