If you need fresh, out of the box thinking, and reliable services, you are in the right place! Partner with Unify Digital for managed IT services to use gain a trusted ally who manage your technology systems and needs. We believe the possibilities are endless with technology, and we exist to enable your business to become a leader in your industry.

Enterprise IT


Do you need multiple service providers to meet the demands of managing and developing your complex array of technologies and the interactions between them? Unify Digital exists to be a trusted ally with multiple capabilities.


Your organisation needs to stay ahead of your competitive marketplace. Unify Digital’s track record of innovation and experience helps your enterprise to be the leader of your industry.

SME IT Management


There are endless possibilities with technology, and you dont have time to explore them all, nor put the effort into understand how they can enhance your business. You need to outsource it to a provider who can comprehend business strategy and work on the big picture over the long term.


Unify Digital gives you the space to focus on running your business by thinking outside of the box for you.











Full Service offering to all businesses

Our clients receive the following benefits from working with us to manage their IT systems.
  • A change of mindset – A service provider that understands the need for technology to enable organisations to compete, and takes personal ownership of your IT environment.
  • SLAs – Guiding standards for the delivery of our work that ensure you get suitable responses at all times.
  • Friendly Contracts – Contracts designed to achieve win-win in the relationship.
  • Service Desk – A team of engineers dedicated to fielding day-to-day calls and service requests during business hours.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Software based monitoring of your servers and computers to help maintain visibility of key assets, and proactively respond to issues when alerts are received.
  • Flexible Pricing – Service plans to suit all needs.

Disaster recovery, back up by Monday

What happened:


A major client discovered that their server room had sprung a leak, and their critical infrastructure was all offline after being showered upon all evening. We received all at 10am on a Saturday morning: “We must be up and running by Monday morning, or we will lose our business!”

What we did:


Unify Digital mobilised – we had 4 team members onsite within 2 hours.
Unify Digital led – we quickly established 4 distinct lines of recovery to pursue and started them all simultaneously.
Unify Digital delivered – we were able to use backups, and repair some of the damaged equipment in time to provide a working infrastructure before Monday.

Client Comment:


“The Unify Digital team turned up when it counted most and were there for us in our time of need! Dan mobilised his entire team on Saturday after we discovered our server room had suffered sever flood damage at 11am that morning. Unify went above and beyond the call of duty and had our very complex computer system running a Tier 1 ERP system (SAP) with 40+ virtual servers fully operational Sunday night at 7pm, so we could open for business on Monday morning as if nothing had happened.


Throughout the process Dan kept us informed of the progress and wrote a detailed easy to understand report of the replacement requirements for insurance purposes. All costs and labour accounted for including separating out any optional costs / upgrades that would be our cost. Dan attended meetings with our insurance company and everything was signed off and agreed upon, making the whole process as stress free as possible and no payment delays from our insurance company. I highly recommend the Unify Digital team to any business in New Zealand – small, medium or large as they can cater for all your needs.”


Scott Reynolds
CEO/General Manager

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