What are the main risks facing your business right now?

Cyber security is problematic for New Zealand businesses for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, it’s all defence. In sport, a good defence is used to wear down an opponent and build a platform for an offensive. In cyber security there is no such thing – for small and medium enterprises it is a perpetual game of defence. Cyber criminals can launch wave after wave of attack, and businesses have no mechanism available to them to put counter-attack. In other words, there is no disincentive for criminals to keep bombarding businesses to see what they can get.


Secondly, it’s a numbers game. Particularly with the myriad tools available to nefarious actors, cyber attacks are designed to make millions upon millions of automated attacks, and vulnerability scanners are designed to run perpetually. Small and medium enterprises generally don’t have the budget to maintain dedicated Security Operation Centres (SOCs) and advanced technology like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. One mistake, one slip-up, one chink in the armour could result in significant business interruption for the whole organisation. So. Cyber security needs to be smart, and cost-effective for the NZ business.

Breach Incident Response and Forensics

If you are concerned that your business network has been breached by a malicious actor, it is better to be cautious and have your network reviewed for the signs of a breach immediately. Unify Digital can provide a quick response and assist with the initial investigation into your concern. Our cyber breach response includes:


• Determining the cause/nature of the breach.
• Determining the extent of the damage caused.
• Advice on whether to escalate the incident to law enforcement or forensics.

Think you’ve been breached? Take the following immediate steps:


1. Get your network offline – disconnect your internet connection to minimise the damage a hacker can cause.
2. Contact our helpdesk to raise an urgent request for investigation.
3. Contact your lawyer, business interruption insurance broker, and/or police to report the potential incident and seek advice for what steps to take to make sure you take the correct legal steps.

Security Reconnaissance


What does a hacker see when they are targeting your business? We have a range of services to provide a Cyber Reconnaissance of your business and a detailed report to identify and mitigate the greatest weaknesses.

Cyber Advisory


How can you tell if your business is well-postured for preventing and responding to cyber attacks? It’s a hard thing to tangibly grasp. Our Cyber Advisory products are designed to give you visibility and continuous improvement of your cyber profile. We use CERT-NZ recommendations as a framework to deliver this insight to your business.

Cyber Awareness Training


Make your staff and users your front line of defence in the fight against cyber attacks. A lot of training programs are mundane and boring. We have developed Cyber Awareness Training programs that are interesting and enjoyable, and will deliver resilience to your users and therefore your business network.

How safe is your business from Cyber Attacks?

In 2019, KPMG audited their customers for cyber breach readiness. 48% of kiwi businesses indicated that they were well prepared to prevent/respond to a cyber security incident.


However, in 100% of follow up testing, KPMG actors were able to gain access to restricted areas, like server rooms and armouries. They were also able to, when starting from inside a business network, able to gain full admin access to critical business systems 100% of the time.


Your business may not be as ready as you think it is to prevent or respond to a cyber breach. get in touch with us today and one of our security analysts will contact you back straight away.