Govt Funding to help you thrive after COVID-19

At Unify Digital we have been assisting kiwi businesses think about how they will use technology in their response to COVID-19. This ranges from constructing a whole new way to interact with their customers and their industry, through to getting their technology spending under control to help them stay lean and profitable during this time. For all businesses we have listened to their pain points, and constructed a series of services designed specifically to help kiwi businesses make technology a driver of growth, productivity and success through the COVID-19 crisis.


We have also partnered with the Government’s Regional Business Partner scheme to secure funding for these services. Qualifying businesses that need help recovering from the COVID-19 crisis can receive up to $2000 vouchers towards approved services like the services we have created. We can help you apply for the funding as you engage with the services to help you thrive from COIVD-19.


Check out our plans below.

We are ready with innovative solutions to help you grow past COVID-19

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ConTECHnuity is our service offering where we leverage our technology expertise to help kiwi businesses actively develop robust technology strategies, specifically to support business continuity plans and emerge successfully from the COVID-19 crisis.


Tech Cost Audit


Our technology cost audit is our service offering to help kiwi businesses gain control of their technology costs to ensure they are optimal and cost efficient as they recover from revenue losses due to COVID-19.


Security Recon


Security Recon is our service offering to help kiwi businesses gain insight into the network security risks that they are most vulnerable to, and how to mitigate them effectively.


Operations Digitalisation Audit


Our operations digitalisation audit will help kiwi businesses gain confidence in assessing the areas of their business that need to be digitalised, and develop plans to increase capacity and productivity with a carefully designed digitalisation programme.