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We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate solutions for our clients that will drive and continue the success of their organisations. We have the capacity to either develop solutions from scratch via software development or integrate solutions to work together.

UFG Auction - Engineering Digital Auctions
United Flower Growers Ltd.

In 2010, when United Flower Growers (UFG) needed to expand their business to become truly national, they trusted Unify Digital to provide the solutions they needed to more than double their revenue and keep their digital systems centralised and optimally efficient. Read more…

“We highly recommend the Unify Digital team; they are thorough, and responsive, and we have enjoyed our strategic partnership for more than ten years now.”

– Bruce O'Brien, Managing Director, United Flower Growers
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Brink's - Digitalisation to achieve efficiency
Brink's Chicken

Plant automation is a critical source of innovation for kiwi businesses. For Brinks, manufacturing chicken is dependent on the ability to quickly and accurately process incoming stock and outgoing products. Brinks turned to Unify Digital to develop a simple database solution to enable automatic and accurate handling of weighbridge data for inbound and outbound trucks to overcome the inefficiencies of the manual system, improving the speed of data handling by a factor of 10. Read more…

I thoroughly recommend them as an IT partner that has an eye for innovation and excellence. Their support has been strategically very valuable to us.

– Mr. Sheridan, Brink's Chicken
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DMD - Building flexible infrastructure
D M Dunningham Limited

D. M. Dunningham (DMD) implemented a new ERP system based on SAP. What this required was a far more advanced infrastructure to host all the servers they needed. Their partnership with Unify Digital has been the key to overcoming the barriers quickly and efficiently. Unify Digital have become their trusted partner for all of their digital needs.

Unify respond very promptly when we call... they talk to us regularly about how our digital strategy aligns with our business strategy and have no problem staying a step ahead of our evolving needs. We like to keep them involved in our digital strategy and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted IT partner.

– Scott Reynolds, General Manager, D M Dunningham Limited
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Provida Foods - Enabling 24/7 capabilities
Provida Foods

Provida Foods are a time critical company, essentially operating 24/7 all year round. Their existing systems needed a 3-hour window every day where critical applications had to be shut down to allow backups to run - a window that was beginning to squeeze their operations. Unify Digital offered a revolutionary solution to overcome this hurdle once and for all, providing a two hourly, non-interruptive, full backup and offsite replication to give Provida true 24/7 capability.

...their visionary innovation has allowed us to overcome some obstacles that looked insurmountable. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a trusted digital partner.

– Haynie Kent, Director, Provida Foods
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