Brink’s – Digitalisation to achieve efficiency

When Unify Digital started working for Brink’s, they made an effort to understand the nature of their business.

“The factory is huge, and for us to fulfil our role as an IT partner that delivers innovation we had to learn our way around quickly,” acknowledged Managing Director, Daniel Oliver.

“The more time we spent with them, the more we began to see opportunities to deliver some clever little projects to automate processes.”

One area that was lacking was the recording of data of trucks coming in and out of the plant. A largely manual system that could easily be automated to reduce the risk of human error, and to speed up the process of deriving crucial information for costing, purchasing and planning.

Partner Technologies:


SQL Database

Plant automation specialists, Ansutek, provided a new set of scales that could electronically weigh the trucks when they pulled up over the factory weigh bridge. “From there it didn’t take long to put together an SQL database on a Microsoft server that could poll the weight bridge scales for the data collected,” said lead developer Jared Oliver, “and put it into tables that could be called upon for reporting.”

The SQL database has enabled Brinks to discontinue a manual, paper-based process in favour of a browser based interface for staff to use. “It was big help to remove this key process from being dependant on one staff member,” said CFO, Michael Sheridan, “and has sped up the ability for staff to access the data they needed by ten times the manual system we had.” For Brinks, the solution was a cost-effective mechanism to automate a key process, and provide staff with an interface that told them everything they needed, whenever they needed.


By acquainting themselves with the Brinks business model, Unify Digital were able to see opportunities for innovation and automation. This helped Brinks save time and money in their daily plant operations.

“The team at Unify Digital are friendly and professional, I thoroughly recommend them as an IT partner that has an eye for innovation and excellence. Their support has been strategically very valuable to us.”

Mr. Sheridan, Brink’s Chicken

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