Do you hold this key to ongoing competitive advantage?

I recently read an article about the top IT trends for 2016, written by IT Brief Australia. Here are the top four trends they noted:

  • Traditional IT delivery will reach crisis point.
  • The second wave of continuous delivery will arrive.
  • Compounding of supplier management.
  • Organisation change will catch up in the IT world.

All of these speak to the growing need to keep IT (and digital strategy in general) flexible, social and mobile to allow businesses to respond to change and keep ahead of their competitors. Let’s be honest, most businesses don’t think in those terms – it’s easier to assume that an industry will largely stay the same ad infinitum. Tell that to travel agents, who had to seriously shake up their business models when the internet allowed airlines to sell direct to customers, and the ensuing rise of WebJet and other cybermediary websites!

At Unify Digital we believe the vital elements to staying ahead of the game are two-fold:

Firstly, align your digital strategy with your business strategy.

You already have a business strategy that defines how you compete. Allow digital strategy to compliment this overall strategic view and work hard on understanding the trends in technology and how that might impact your overall strategy to compete. By doing so, you can spot trends that will produce opportunities to innovate.

Secondly, adopt technologies that allow you to focus on your business and innovation.

Thinking any deeper than the strategic level takes away from your capacity to focus on your business. Let IT be handled by a trusted external provider. If we didn’t believe this is true we wouldn’t be in business! And the truth is that the traditional IT department is too slow and rigid to be able to deliver the flexibility needed.

Innovation is the key

I mentioned innovation in both points above. It’s a scary word, because it implies far more than it really entails. Namely, introducing something novel to your business. Let me give you 3 keys to use technology to give you the innovative edge.

1. Avoid shutting IT in the cupboard!

Its easy to treat IT as the necessary evil. Aligning digital strategy with business strategy allows you to leash the beast before you open the door and let it out. If you set the parameters correctly, technology can become a driver for competitive advantage.

2. Avoid throwing money at it!

Conversely, sinking big dollars into IT and technology is only justified IF the end goal is competitive advantage. There is no need to shovel cash at your IT, innovation can be surprisingly cost-effective.

3. Think about innovation at multiple levels.

Innovation is nothing more than doing something novel. So, something new within your operations, something new amongst your competitors, something new in your industry, are all equally innovative, just at different levels. With a flexible IT platform in place, innovations can become constant drivers of your advantages.

That is the goal of Unify Digital, and we have a passion for helping you develop this approach with your organisation. Why not unleash your competitive advantages today, with a digital strategy consultation??