Exclaimer: Leveraging the marketing channel you’ve always had.

Do your customers know what your business can do for them? I mean, do they know everything you do or only the bits they interact with? Or, coming from another angle, have you ever missed a sale because a customer didn’t realise you had a certain promotion, or didn’t realise you had a particular skill? What if I told you there exists a marketing channel that you already use every day that you could automate to spread your business’s message to everyone you communicate with?

It’s easy to assume that people know everything that you can do. The reality they don't, so telling your story is an essential part of your business strategy, and therefore something you need to build into digital strategy as well. Our primary mission at Unify Digital is to enable kiwi businesses to connect their digital strategy and activities with their overall business strategy to compete.

So, in the ongoing process of selling your products and services, getting your message out there can be as simple as building upon digital processes that you engage every day. That marketing channel I was referring to is nothing more than the humble email signature. Think about it – hundreds, perhaps even thousands of emails leave your organisation every day. We often include signatures in emails as a branding device, so why wouldn’t you also use them to;

  • Advertise your product range.
  • Promote your latest specials and deals.
  • Invite people to unique events and opportunities.

Exclaimer is a software company with a delightful array of solutions that we recommend for managing signatures and disclaimers on your emails. It’s a practical way to make sure the emails leaving your organisation are perfectly presented in terms of branding, and meeting compliance for disclaimers. But, as I’ve alluded to, it can also be used to automate advertising, promotions and specials as part of the email signatures that are sent by your computer users every day. Check out their range here.

Exclaimer is best to use with Microsoft Exchange, but can also be used with Office 365, or even individual desktops. So it is a product that is accessible to anyone. The ability to construct, upload and publish templates can be done internally, or by your trusted IT partner. Signatures can be controlled with time based policies or other parameters, meaning you can customise the outgoing message to different groups of senders, recipients, or any other variable.

We have recently invested in Exclaimer and are delighted with the product, so much so we have registered ourselves and official resellers of their software. We highly recommend it and are more than happy to answer your questions and answers you might have.

This is a free marketing channel that you already possess! Harness it today and unlock the power of regular and automatic advertising with Exclaimer Signatures and Disclaimers.