What is digital strategy and why it is vital to your success?

What is your organisation’s digital strategy? Could you annunciate it if you had to? Do your digital activities align with your business strategy to compete? If you lack digital strategy your organisation is in serious threat of being ‘out-innovated’ by its competitors.

Since we launched Unify Digital in November a number of people have asked me what was behind the decision to rebrand our company. The answer is wrapped up in the story of our company; how it has evolved and how our strategy has changed.

To me, our old brand was linked to our original approach to be a traditional IT service company. “We’re the best,” or “We have the fastest response,” are the typical catch phrases of thousands of IT service providers all competing for an increasingly small patch of turf. The reality is that quality, speed, cost effectiveness, are no longer differentiators in our market; they are expectations. I’ve worked hard to figure out what makes us different, and more valuable for our clients, and here is the answer:


What is Digital Strategy? The McKinsey Institute describe ‘digital’ in a business sense as the capability to “create value at new frontiers.”[1] Digital strategy, is the blueprint to drive competitive advantage through digital capabilities.

Traditional IT services focus on digitalising basic systems like telephony, accounting systems, and messaging, but these are just foundational elements of building a 21st century company. At Unify Digital we work with our clients to actively look for ways to develop their digital capabilities to discover new revenues, improve efficiencies and automate processes to drive innovation, competitive advantage and profitability.

McKinsey also believe that companies are more likely to find the key talent and capabilities to drive digital strategy outside of their own organisation.[2] Their research indicated that outsourcing for digital capabilities had several important advantages, summarised in the chart you can see on the right.

So in other words, the game for us has changed. IT Services is now just the beginning of what we do. Our focus is providing our clients with a wide range of technological solutions and a core competence of digitalising so that we can become a partner with your business in the ongoing drive to become more profitable and have more competitive advantages. Doesn’t that sound like a much better approach to the traditional IT services that everyone else already provides? The team at Unify Digital are dedicated to developing, delivering and maintaining the IT and digital systems to help NZ organisations be innovators in their field and we already have a track record! Check out our exciting case studies.